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Osaka City welcomes visitors at one of their Tourist Informations. These Centers are located one each at Osaka's 3 large train stations - Umeda/Osaka Station ,Namba and Shin-Osaka.
There you will find a wide range of maps and pamphlets about all attractions and facilities in Osaka City and there will also be members of staff fluent in foreign languages to answer all your questions and to provide assistance with your adventures in Osaka.
In addition, however, there is a wealth of information available online. All you need to do is access one of the two free Wi-Fi connections available to visitors in the Osaka area: Osaka Free Wi-Fi and Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite. Of course you can access these Wi-Fi connections from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The former connection offers you unlimited internet access while the latter allows you to use the internet 8 times a day for 30 minutes each (or for one hour in total). For more information on Osaka Free Wi-Fi, please see the Wifi and Rally.

When you arrive in Osaka by Shinkansen, go to the Tourist Information Center first. Everything from sightseeing information to discount ticket sales available at the convenient one-stop service.

More tour information about Osaka, please visit: https://osaka-info.jp/en/page/default-homepage

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